University of PSSI: Investing in Team Members is Investing in Our Growth

Sep 27, 2023

Congratulations to this year's University of PSSI graduates!​

At PSSI, we recognize that great leadership is the cornerstone of our growth and success.


University of PSSI: Investing in Team Members is Investing in Our Growth

The University of PSSI would like to congratulate 11 team members in graduating our extended curriculum program – focused on supplemental training programs in service excellence, problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills.

The 2023 PSSI Graduating Class comes from a wide swath of backgrounds and disciplines from microbiologist expertise to site supervisors and logistics specialists. Coaching and mentoring are the hallmarks of the University of PSSI (UP) program.

“This is the first company I’ve worked for that has invested as much in leadership as UP does,” says PSSI site supervisor Bryant Gaskin.

Led by the belief that our team members are our greatest assets, PSSI CEO Tim Mulhere believes that by “investing in our people, our company improves upon its customer-centric focus and increases efficiencies at every level.”

Echoing that sentiment is Jessie Rice, Safe Food Chemical Innovations Technical Services Lead, who says the curriculum enables participants “to really hone in on what our customer needs.”

PSSI Sanitation Site Manager Audis Murphy appreciates that he’s able to share what he’s learned with others: “I can take this back to my team and develop them and use the skills I’ve learned to not only teach them but also give them those skills.”

Again, we’d like to congratulate all our 2023 UP graduates! We look forward to you illuminating the path to PSSI’s brightest future.


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